Momma Jane

by Rusty Maynard

I am blessed to have an incredible mom.  Her upbringing was one of sacrifice of personal ambition to help her family when her mom was very ill for extended periods of time. That spirit continued into her marriage. Throughout every memory  I can find at my age, I can’t remember  a time that my dad was not quite ill and that my mom wasn’t compensating in some way.  At cost to herself, she made life “normal” and I will always treasure that gift.

When I think of my mom, I think of yard work and gardening, picking vegetables, canning food and finding ways to use just about anything that grows in jelly, preparing large meals for large groups of people,  care for our family, and for our extended family.  I always knew and still know that there is a place to which I can “come home”.

My mom’s spiritual dedication is the greatest gift to me. My childhood days revolved around an open church doors being darkened at every opportunity.  Clearly in my mind were the countless days I would awake to a wood burning stove warming the house, with “Marth Jane” sitting in her chair reading the Scripture. Her dad left the “a” off of “Martha” – which got fixed later…  I remember a distinct alto voice and I still love to hear.  She is mission minded and forever seeing opportunities to help others and talk about the Bible. She counsels often.  Her story telling/bending is phenomenal. I will never forget her tireless hours of helping me prepare and practice lessons to preach week after week.

I am very proud that now MarthA Jane is my mom. She is an anchor in the Scripture and a life lived for her Father. She is a woman to be treasured.


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