About Me


Written by Jane’s biological sister, Judy Campbell, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Martha Jane (Cox) Maynard was born February 10, 1945 in Mountain Home, Arkansas, on a farm known as Indian Creek Subdivision. Her first outing as an infant was to attend worship services at the Oakland church of Christ where she and her family worshiped until the early 1980’s when Jane and Leo and their family moved to Mississippi to engage in mission work.

Jane was married to her late husband, Leo, for 50 years. They enjoyed being the parents of three sons and two daughters, and now the grandparents of four grandsons and one grand daughters. In addition to their own children, the Maynards have served as foster parents to twenty-five children throughout their lives.

Jane’s hobbies include quilting, gardening, fishing, and writing songs and poetry. She also enjoys composing articles of interest to women for various Christian publications. Jane earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible with and emphasis in marriage and the family from the Magnolia Bible College in Kosciusko, Mississippi.

Jane is a member of the Mountain Home church of Christ where she previously served as a full time counselor for women, for both women in her home congregation as well as for ladies in the surrounding community. From time to time she teaches ladies’ classes. Frequently she speaks at Ladies’ Days, Seminars, Lectureships, Retreats and other ladies’ events including organizing and conducting retreats for ladies and teen aged girls. Her extensive travels for speaking take her far and near.

Jane made a commitment many years ago to devote her life to a ministry especially for women. She possesses a “pioneer” spirit which provides her with the courage, strength and ability to tackle the most daunting challenges that come her way, whether it be in her personal life or in the lives of others. Because of her love for the Lord and her devotion to His work, she is able to minister to others in their times of need. May God be glorified for all the great and wonderful works which this humble and contrite servant has accomplished in the lives of many women, not only in this nation but in nations around the world.


1 thought on “About Me

  1. Ashley Moore-Ford

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sister “Mama” Jane at the Ladies Retreat at Sardis Lake Christian camp last year. I fell in love with her from the moment she opened her mouth to speak. I love how she told the truth no matter what. She has a wonderful spirit and a great help to the church! i wish that I could’ve gotten some one on one time with her. May God continue to bless you sister in all that you do! I love you!


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